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Industrial Space Ceiling

Ammonia Systems

Quality installation of ammonia pipe or vessel insulation and vapor barrier is critical in the efficiency and maximizing the life of the system

Custom Energy Audits

Bartelt’s certified energy appraisers can perform an energy audit in your facility which will show a quick payback to insulate your un-insulated systems.

Custom Sewn Insulation Blankets

Removable & re-usable insulation blankets are custom made in our facility.

Fire Stop

Bartelt has various fire stop systems for any wall or floor penetration.


Insulation of your HVAC piping or ductwork will save you money in energy cost.

Noise Control

Bartelt has various custom acoustical insulation systems for sound attenuation applications.

Personal Protection
Bartelt can insulate your hot surfaces to protect your employees from burns, reducing lost time injuries.

Pipe Modules
Bartelt has the experience to insulate pipe modules of any size in your facility.


Plumbing systems require insulation for energy conservation or for anti-sweat.

Bartelt has various insulation products to insulate any type of vessel.


Duct Insulation
Bartelt stocks several types of insulation materials for round or rectangular ductwork.

Metal Building Insulation
Bartelt can get you the proper insulation and facing for your new or retrofit metal building.

Pipe Insulation Products
Bartelt stocks several pipe insulation products for cold or hot piping.

Protective Jacketing Systems
Bartelt stocks aluminum jacket and 30 mil PVC jacket for wash down areas.

Vessel Insulation
Bartelt stocks insulation for your round or rectangular vessels.

insulation services

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